Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear Pastor Worley

Dear Pastor Worley,

Unless you plan to withdraw from the world as we know it, I would consider retracting your concentration camp-esque statement about what to do with all the gays and lesbians of the world. I will tell you why.

We are cooks and factory workers, and we touch all of the food you eat, at some stage of the process.
We clean your house every day.
We change the oil in your car.
We are doctors and we keep your body functioning, much to our dismay.
We ring up your order at Target.
We are CEOs guiding the decisions of companies that can smash you.
We are in the government, deciding your healthcare future.
We are fighting overseas because you decided we should go there.

We are all around you, and we are the only reason that you personally are not dead some days.

You are welcome for that Junior Whopper and Senior drink at Burger King.
You are welcome for that medicine that keeps you from dropping your bowels into the toilet and keeling over dead from a coronary.
You are welcome for the car that at least one of us helped build for you.
You are welcome for the very media outlets that allow you to be so obscene.

You are welcome for being allowed to live another day.

One day, when you're too far gone to take care of yourself, we'll be all around you in some nursing home or retirement community, making sure you don't fall and break your face. We'll serve your food, we'll drive you to Wal-mart, we'll even switch the channel on your TV.

I think we deserve a little respect.

Just because you are an ignorant, awful old piece of rotten does not warrant the treatment you have suggested of the very people who keep you going.

Unless they magically ban all gays and lesbians from working at all, we will be all around you, and we don't have to do anything for you. We do it because we respect that you are a human, and because we expect that in return, you will have respect for us.

Be very very careful, Pastor Worely. I hear bad stories from nursing homes. I would not want one of those to be yours.

Yours truly,

A queer gay.

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